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Weed Delivery in San Diego

Buy weed online with Diamond Delivery and there will never be a delivery fee.  Diamond Delivery was founded in 2020 as a marijuana delivery dispensary.  We look to ease your experience.  As a result, we deliver your order with no delivery fee.  Your driver will bring your order to you for FREE.

With an abundance of cannabis products available for purchase, any adult aged 21 and older can purchase online.  Diamond Delivery's online menu is designed for all users.  Whether you are a newbie or veteran, we have flower for you.  Our menu you will be show strains of Sativa, Indicas and Hybrids.  Here at Diamond Delivery we strive to provide you some of the best flower found in San Diego.

Those living in South of Miramar Road are eligible for FREE delivery, with no minimum requirements.  Orders North of Miramar Road, will require a minimum purchase of a "quarter".  We do not service East of Highway 125.  Diamond Delivery's Support Team will contact you if your order falls outside of our Radius Qualifier.  Review your location here.


Commonly Associated Effects Of Use:

Sativa - Often produces a "mind high" or boost of energy.  When you use a sativa dominant strain, you may feel more creative, energetic and productive.

Indica - Used for relaxation purposes.  Its effects may reduce pain, nausea and increase your appetite.

Hybrid - Farmers produce select a Hyrbid for unique effects.  You may choose a Hybrid to help reduce anxiety and stress.


Diamond Delivery operates in accordance with Proposition 215 - The compassionate Use Act of 1996.  All orders will require valid identification verification.  All purchases are final.  No refunds or returns after delivery.